Two leading foundations join forces to support the mental health and well-being of young Quebeckers — A stronger impact with the Fondation Jeunes en Tête


2 Mar 2017

Two leading foundations join forces to support the mental health and well-being of young Quebeckers  — A stronger impact with the Fondation Jeunes en Tête

With combined experience of close to 60 years in prevention, support and development of the mental health and well-being of Quebec youth, the Mental Illness Foundation and the Fondation Québec Jeunes are joining forces to become the Fondation Jeunes en Tête. With this merger, they will be able to maintain the programs and activities of the two founding organizations. Together, they currently reach some 70,000 youths every year, providing them with tools to help them become well-rounded adults. Drawing on its expertise, the Fondation Jeunes en Tête hopes to help many teens take advantage of the personalized support offered through this integrated approach.

As he has done for the past three years, radio and TV host Stéphane Bellavance will continue to serve as spokesperson for the new foundation. “Young people who are struggling or at risk are not always visible, and yet there are so many of them. We wanted to boost our efforts to help them open up and realize that there is always hope,” he said.

Targeting teens aged 11 to 18, the Foundation will continue to promote its awareness program Partners for Life in high schools. Led by dynamic facilitators, this comprehensive information campaign has already reached more than a million young people since it was introduced in 1998. Every year, more than 300 schools receive a visit and nearly 300 teens are seen every day. In addition, the Fondation Jeunes en Tête will continue to provide funding for community organizations that focus their activities in five areas: supporting the most vulnerable, encouraging teens to stay in school, treating and fighting addictions of all kinds, preventing and fighting bullying and violence, and promoting health and well-being. In the past five years, the Foundation has redistributed more than $3,345,000 to about 50 organizations through corporate and individual fundraising efforts.

“We have one goal in mind: to have an even greater impact by rallying our efforts and focusing on prevention and support for young people in difficulty, who are often grappling with interrelated problems. This is why we are convinced this merger will enable us to respond more effectively to their needs and provide a more inclusive service offering,” added Éric Bujold, chair of the board. “The name ‘Fondation Jeunes en Tête’ reflects our desire to make young people a priority across the province by dispelling taboos about mental illness.”

“Taking action with young people is undoubtedly the best way to prepare a better future for our society. We share a common concern for teenagers, and that is why we are today breathing new life into our initiatives while staying true to our values,” said Dr. Yves Lamontagne, psychiatrist and founder of the Mental Illness Foundation.

About the Fondation Jeunes en Tête

The Fondation Jeunes en Tête has a mission to assist teens across Quebec who suffer from or who are at risk for mental illness. To accomplish its mission, it supports community organizations that are developing and implementing effective preventive or corrective programs for the well-being of teens. It also offers a prevention program, “Partners for Life,” to Quebec high schools. Created by the merger of the Mental Illness Foundation and the Fondation Québec Jeunes, the Fondation Jeunes en tête has a record of nearly 60 years of philanthropic actions and has worked with 324 schools and some 50 community organizations throughout the province.



Source: Fondation Jeunes en Tête


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