Depression is reversible


Advisor, Youth Programs

For me, Partners for Life is much more than a job. It’s a passion! It’s about meeting young people and knowing that I will make an impact on their lives. It’s about seeing clarity in their eyes when they begin to follow what we are talking about and understand what their close ones suffer from. Partners for Life is being asked by a cheeky monkey of the class « how can I help my mum get better? », it is to listen to a young girl with eyes full of tears being worried about her friend.

My work changes lives. Not only those of the young people I meet, but also my own! My job allows me to feel fulfiled and I love to think that I contribute to building a better world. I consider myself priviledged to be able to repeat the expereince year after year!   



I love young people, travel and teamwork. Partners for Life is exactly it! I’m back for another year. The young people are really interesting and I learn a lot with them. I want to talk to them so that together we can make a difference. Working together we will break the taboos. I want them to know that they are not alone and that there will always be someone to brighten their day. Partners for Life is a great team and each one of us carries the cause in our hearts. We can make a difference!   


Team manager

Another year of educating young people and seeing their big bright eyes soothed by the message we send out. Educating the young about depression is an art. It’s an art of speaking, of transforming emotions, that are sometimes very profound and difificult to name, into words. This is what motivates me to continue my work with Partners for Life. I am proud to be a messanger of hope and to work in a team who’s on fire! 





Partners for Life is a unique exeprience for me. Breaking the taboos surrounding mental illness and depression, meeting young people from all over Quebec, bringing a hopeful message (and discovering my beautiful province) are all reasons that motivate me to do the tour. It’s with a hint of excitement that I say 'see you soon' to all teens of Quebec!



What motivates me to be part of Partners for Life team are the teenagers; educating them about mental illness means building a future with less prejudice and more empathy. I hope to give young people the tools and benchmarks so they are able to help each other, to maintain good mental health and to reduce suffering. I can’t wait to get to know teenagers – and all the beautiful regions! – of my beloved Quebec! 


Charles Smith