Depression is reversible

Interested by this program?

Here's how to organize a session for your school:

1. Appoint a contact person within your organization whose role is to:

-  Establish the link between the institution and the Partners for Life advisor
-  Organize events in the school
-  Complete the registration form and evaluation form after the session

2. Choose the type of session you may require:

-  For teenagers
-  For parents
-  For teachers
-  For futur social workers
-  For peer helpers

3. Coordinate logistics:

- Organize the presentation schedule:
             - Group of 15 to 90 people;
             - One to three presentations per day;
             - Location (ideally always in the same room): classroom, library, auditorium, hall, etc.

- If possible, offer lunch from your institution’s cafeteria to the facilitators.

4. Send completed registration form to the Youth Programs Advisor. You will receive confirmation of our visit once the application is processed.

Click here to download the registration form

Thank you for respecting the dates we will be in your area. To find out when we will visit your area, consult the Deployment Schedule.

5. When you'll received the booking confirmation from the Youth Services Advisor you will have to provide the detailed schedule.

Click here to download the document

Contact Person:

Josiane Babin
Youth Services Advisor

55, Mont-Royal Avenue, West, Suite 804
Montreal (Québec)  H2T 2S6

Telephone: 514.529.5354, ext. 231
Toll Free: 1.888.529.5354, ext. 231
Fax: 514.529.7390